Photo of Sophie Min

Sophie Min

User Experience Researcher at Jana

Photo of David Oliva

David Oliva

Senior Product Designer at Jana

Designing for Emerging Markets

Are you reading this on your freshly-charged iPhone 7? Was the data delivered over an unlimited LTE plan? As you look at your fellow T passengers, do you see more of the same? Surrounded by such affordable and easily-available data, power, and high-end hardware, it's easy to forget that this experience is atypical, globally-speaking. When building for emerging markets, you can't lean on your usual set of assumptions.

Hear insights from the UX team at Jana about how they work with the challenges of designing products in emerging markets. Learn about the importance of in-market testing, localization, and how to use data to inform product decisions.

About Sophie Min

Sophie Min is the User Experience Researcher at Jana where she conducts research both from Boston and in the countries where users live. She holds an EdM in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard.

About David Oliva

Designing for the web for more than a decade David has combined his elegant visual design aesthetic with best UX practices to deliver digital experiences for many brands. He is currently working with the team at Jana to help make the internet free for the next billion.

41 Winter St, Boston, MA 02108

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