Brutalist Web Design isn’t that brutal.

Brutalism is an architectural style that took off in the '50s. The phrase, coined by Le Corbusier, comes from the French phrase b├ęton brut, meaning raw concrete. This ugly-but-lovable style was popular for decades. You'll often see the brutalist style in government built structures. The Boston City Hall is a prime example. How is the Boston City Hall architecture at all related to "brutalist" web design? The raw, purposefully abrasive style has crept into portfolios, micro sites, and even Bloomberg News. This talk will focus on identifying the similarities between web and architecture, two forms of art craft, and identify trends of action and reaction in web design.

About Cole Townsend

Cole Townsend is a thoughtbot designer, the "curator" of New Old Stock, and an avid runner. He double majored in Art History and Cross Country at Williams College. His favorite artist is Thomas Eakins and his favorite runner is Steve Prefontaine.

101 Arch Street 9th Floor Boston, MA 02110

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