Awareness: The Heart (and Brain) of the IoT

People often ask me what “the killer app for the IoT” will be. There likely won’t be one app to rule them all, but rather an investment in sensor processing technology that combines cognitive computing, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and computational neuroscience in exciting new ways. The promise of the Internet of Things is WHAT we do with all this time series-based telemetric and contextual data. In this talk, Sean will take a peek under the hood with where predictive analytics is heading with regards to adaptive analyzing time series data in real-time. We’ll be looking at deep learning, more specifically recurrent neural networks, and how they are about to bring environmental awareness to our connected lives.

About Sean Lorenz

Sean Lorenz is Founder & CEO of Senter, a startup improving chronic care with Internet of Things (IoT) and deep learning in the home. He was recently the Director of IoT Market Strategy for LogMeIn’s IoT platform, and has shaped business models and product strategies in several emerging markets including the IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence and healthcare. Sean holds a PhD in Cognitive & Neural Systems from Boston University and has extensive knowledge of digital health, natural language processing, brain-computer interfaces, adaptive systems, neuroscience-based computational algorithms, and context-aware computing.

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